BORO x Mobiel

BORO x Mobiel is a social design project in Amsterdam (Nieuw)West. Together with designer Antoine Peters I am developing a mobile natural dying textile studio that will pop-up at different locations in the neighbourhood in 2023. End result will be an art installation.

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Wiede Wold: de toekomst van ons platteland

Wiede Wold is a cultural manifestation in the municipality De Wolden in the Dutch province Drenthe. In spring 2024 different cultural events will take place to give new insights into the meaning and future of our country side. A curated design programme is one of these events.

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Secrid Talent Podium

Photo by Nick Bookelaar

For the first edition of the Secrid Talent Podium I selected 11 promising sustainable designers and brought them together in a 9 day exhibition during DDW22.

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DDW22: Things that Matter @ Microlab Hall

photo by Nick Bookelaar

For the 2022 edition of Dutch Design Week, I curated one of the three main locations (Microlab Hall) and selected work within the topic of Things that Matter. On show were 21 project who each investigate the value and meaning of products in times of overconsumption.

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Use of colour in the 20th century

For Elle Decoration magazine I am working on a series about the use of colours in the interiors of the past century, and how innovations in the paint industry had an influence on this. Each issue we’re covering a decennium, from 1920-2000s, starting from the 3rd issue of 2021.

Sharing Elements

Sharing Elements is a project by Christien Meindertsma, that we developed together for Dutch Design Week 2021 and that is continuing further over the coming years. It’s about how we as people are connected to everything around us via elements, from nature to food, clothing and products. We are not above matter, we are matter.

DDW21: Things that Matter

Community Couture by Aniela Fidler. Photo: Boudewijn Bolmann

For the 2021 edition of Dutch Design Week I created Things that Matter, a theme to address the search for a new relation between people and products, in a society overflowing with things. Based on this topic I curated the location Microlab Hall in Eindhoven.

Audiotour Goed Wonen

In opdracht van het Van Eesteren Museum maakte Jurre Ongering en ik een audiotour over Stichting Goed Wonen en de idealistische gedachtes van de jaren 50 over het belang van een ‘goed’ interieur voor een betere samenleving.

Bounce back!

Voor de representatie van Nederland als partnerland van Zagreb Design Week, maakte ik samen met Marleen van Bergeijk een tentoonstelling vol duurzame initiatieven over de huidige status van Dutch design.