Secrid Talent Podium

Photo by Nick Bookelaar

For the first edition of the Secrid Talent Podium I selected 11 promising sustainable designers and brought them together in a 9 day exhibition during DDW22.

Secrid Talent Podium
Supporting the next generation of sustainable product makers

In this exhibition, Secrid gives the stage to eleven promising designers. Secrid and Dutch Design Foundation are working here together to support designers with a sustainable and holistic approach to product design.

Industrial Evolution
The way in which products are made and used is ready for drastic change. Since the Industrial Revolution and the relocation of factories to low-wage countries, the mass-production of low-cost goods with a short lifespan has become the norm. We now know that the consequences of this are disastrous: the negative impact of our production and consumer behaviour is destroying nature, the Earth and ourselves. 

Industry cannot be stopped, but it can be changed. It is time for a transition to Industrial Evolution. The basic principle is simple: every new product must be better than in previous generations. An industry that contributes to a balanced planet and a sustainable society. Designers play a crucial role in this.

Supporting talent
Secrid Talent Podium shines a spotlight on eleven promising product designers who are dedicated to bringing about evolution in the industry, each from their own field and area of expertise. Each of them is supported with a cash amount of €7,777.77 which is a reference to Secrid’s seven approaches to holistic design. The designers also have access to professional coaching. The selection consists of: 

Merle Bergers
Simon Dogger
Don Kwaning
Studio Viverdie
Alissa & Nienke
Living Light 
Mapu Speakers (winner of What Design Can Do Challenge 2021)

About Secrid 
Design couple Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt (fashion) and René van Geer (industrial design) have worked for many industrial clients over the past decades. Since 2009 they have been focusing 100% on their own brand: Secrid pocketwear, driven by their dream to be able to create products entirely according to their own values and insights. And without making concessions to customers or shareholders. Secrid consciously opts for production in the Netherlands, in competition with China, with a focus on people and the environment, and has even been completely CO2 neutral since the summer of 2022. Their products are sold through 8,500 shops in 80 countries. Secrid is a B Corp and donates 1% of its turnover to projects that contribute to the ‘Industrial Evolution’. This has led to collaborations with Dutch Design Foundation and What Design Can Do. Two organisations that, just like Secrid, promote creativity as an essential element of a sustainable society and the preservation of our planet.

Making more sustainable choices
The exhibition design was made by Studio Guilty and Hans van Sinderen, and is based on natural and circular materials. The IsoHemp building blocks are returned to the wholesaler afterwards. All panels are reusable because there is no drilling or screwing. The canvas is transformed into new products by a creative workshop and the steel tubes are also completely circular.